Capvidia provides software solutions for 3D CAD/CAM/CMM data interoperability and CFD simulation
to simplify processes, increase quality and reduce costs

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Capvidia extends STEP format to support DIN 4003

Capvidia products support now STEP DIN 4003, which is commonly used by tool manufactures for creation of digital product catalogues. The standard STEP DIN 4003 ensures data interoperability between different applications.
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Capvidia presents QIF at the DMSC Annual Summit

October 5-9, 2015 Arlington, TX
Capvidia is honored to present their QIF Digital Metrology solution to specialists from industry, government and academia at the DMSC Annual Summit. Capvidia software enables the transfer of precise 3D model information with semantically linked PMI to metrology and manufacturing applications. Our software provides dependable interoperability by using XML-based data exchange to enable the capture, use, and re-use of metrology-related information throughout the supply chain.
The DMSC summit presentation will provide an overview of our commercially available products that create or use QIF plus we’ll feature an introduction to our QIF Software Development Kit (SDK) for 3rd party developers with neither the time nor resources to implement QIF on their own.
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Capvidia Core Competencies

  • CAD Data Translation
  • CAD Validation & Quality Assessment
  • Model Based Definition (MBD)
  • Product Life Cycle Integration
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation and Optimization

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Capvidia at GPDIS

Capvidia at GPDIS

September 28 - Oct 1, 2015 Phoenix, AZ
GPDIS is organized by The Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Parker Aerospace and Elysium Inc. The Global Product Data Interoperability Summit (GPDIS)…