Capvidia Participates in Global Product Data Interoperability Summit 2011

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27 October 2011

Exceeding D6-51991 Requirements – Helping Suppliers get the most out of their Manufacturing Process

2011 Global Product Data Interoperability Summit

Boeing was one of the first manufacturers to lead the aerospace industry in defining supplier requirements for Digital Product/Model Based Definition (DPD/MBD) using their D6-51991 process. In past years, aerospace suppliers focused on the main requirement of the D6-51991 supplier quality process - Section 9.2 Data Exchange Methods- Translations throughout their manufacturing of Boeing parts.

Recently, aerospace suppliers have also used this requirement in ways to enhance their overall manufacturing process for not only CAD model translation assurance, but for revision control of manufacturing change orders, long term archiving and storage requirements, as well as a variety of quality based, step-gates throughout their plants. Although the primary purpose of the D6-51991 specification still focuses on “maintaining data integrity of DPD throughout all operations”, suppliers are challenged in different ways with this “data integrity” requirement.

While CAD model translations from authority to export are becoming better, the increase in volume of the CAD models coming through the supplier system because of long over-due production requirements, along with increased tolerance specifications- GD&T, PMI and FT&A, have forced many aerospace suppliers to re-exam and modify their manufacturing processes to fully insure complete data integrity on all CAD models from the start, using many different tools.

Capvidia offers not only an easy to use, cost effective CAD model validation software that exceeds the requirements for the Boeing D6-51991, but has put together a suite of complementary technologies to allow the Boeing supplier to exceed their own manufacturing requirements and ensure complete data integrity throughout all manufacturing operations.

Capvidia offers solutions and products addressing: CAD data translation, CAD quality assessment, CAD data validation and Open CAD XML based visualization and communication tools.


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